What to do if you have IBS

If you are an individual who has been diagnosed with IBS then you will have to read this very carefully. This condition will interfere with your life and what you do, which means that you should definitely consult your doctor regarding this. You will feel a pain in your abdominal and there will be changed in your bowel movements. There will be changes in the way your bowel movement takes place, which might make you feel a little bit uncomfortable.


The doctor will consult you to other specialists such as gastroenterologist before you can go ahead with pain relief treatment in Singapore. This will help you identify anything that triggers the symptoms. For certain individuals, a psychiatrist will also need to be consulted as some individuals go through anxiety and depression.

For those patients who have very dangerous symptoms, medication is very critical. You will be prescribed medication for diarrhoea, fibre for those having issues with diarrhoea and laxatives for those who have constipation.


You will have to make changes to your lifestyle in terms of exercise, diet, stress relief, drinking a lot of water and using the right amount of laxatives. The most important factor is the diet, which can help reduce symptoms very soon.


You need to identify the food items that trigger any disruption in your bowel movements. Ensure that you note down carefully what you can eat and cannot eat, because this might even cause severe symptoms to rise. Consuming supplements that include probiotics might help reduce it or you can even eat yogurt that contains probiotics.


You cannot consume beverages such as fizzy drinks, drinks with a high content of sugar, alcohol or any caffeine-containing beverage. Avoiding these will help you reduce the symptom as well.


Here is a list of a few other food items that you can avoid:

  • Dairy products
  • Artificial sweetener containing beverages or food
  • Good items that cause gas to be produced

You should also drink a lot of water and try and eat more meals but in smaller quantities.


A few other tips for a better lifestyle are as follows:

  • Participate in activities such as meditation or other activities where you can relax
  • Always continue to have a positive attitude towards everything
  • Regularly exercise
  • Get your minimum hours or a few more hours and rest well


You need to ensure that you have a good relationship with your doctor because this will help you communicate openly.  This condition is curable and you do not need to worry about it as along as you  follow everything that the doctor asks of you.



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