Understand the Use of Make up after Blepharoplasty

Many women undergo this surgery to gain a youthful appearance or even to correct some physical aspects that make them look older. Sometimes these corrective surgeries are performed to make your vision much clearer as well. However whatever reasons you use it for, after the surgery you might wonder whether it is safe to use make up again or not.

Sometimes it is inevitable that there will be some scarring that need to be covered up with makeup. You might also like to wear make up in new ways to show off your new youthful look. However you should not be in a hurry to go ahead with this because the procedure is a surgery after all. Therefore it is always important to check with your surgeon because applying makeup before the area has properly healed can cause some serious problems.

Problems of wearing makeup too soon

Using eye shadow and mascara must wait till the wound has properly healed. If the ingredients in makeup items get in the incision there can be serious issues such as infection. Most make up attracts certain bacteria and they can really cause you problems. Not only can bacteria be in the makeup, the tools you use to apply them can also carry harmful bacteria that can cause issues if they get inside the incision.

Apart from an infection, simple eye irritation can also bring you stress. While the surgery for eye bag removal singapore can be a bit annoying till it fully heals, having to deal with additional irritation can really dampen your spirits. So it is best to stay away from dolling yourself up till the wound heals.

Another problem that can occur is what is known as tattooing or discoloration of the area. If you apply makeup before the cut has healed chances are that pigments from the cosmetics can get in the incision before it heals and stay there permanently. It will be as if you have permanently tattooed yourself with eye liner or eye shadow.


It is recommended that individuals stay clear of any make up at lease for about two to three weeks. However this will change depending on each individual, therefore it is a must that you discuss the options with your surgeon.

It is also a good reason to buy new makeup products, as your older ones can be contaminated and may include bacteria that can be harmful. They might have been ok before surgery, but after an incision your skin is compromised, which means using the best products are recommended. It is also better to stay away from glittery stuff and make up items that tend to flake, as they can cause complications.

Discussing with your surgeon the time line to start applying makeup and also getting some recommendations on the types of products to use can be safe and help you heal properly without any complications as well.

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