Types of Food to Eliminate from the Diet to Reduce Acne

Every teenager’s worst nightmare is having a break out before a big date or party. However, no matter how many face masks and ointments they apply it may appear that there is no escape from evils of acne. Thus, many individuals may have begun to believe that they have to undergo expensive treatment in order to get rid of acne. But, I’m here to say that this is unnecessary. Instead, one would be able to successfully defeat the raging war they have with acne by making few alternations to their diet. Thus, the following article will proceed to explore what these dietary alternations are.

Cow’s milk

Did you know that the milk you had with your cereals or with your cookies could have potentially increased your acne outbreak? Many studies believe that this is due to the fact that when individuals consume milk it increases their blood sugar which therefore leads to inflammation. Furthermore many believe that milk increases the insulin levels in consumers bodies this increasing the production of sebum.

Junk food

This could be very unfortunate news because for many the need for junk food is equal to the need to avoid breakouts. But it appears that the time has come to end one’s relationship with junk food because it appears that it has many adverse effects on one’s body. For instance consumption of these type of food increases the insulin levels because these food are easily broken down by the body. Thus, this therefore increases the individuals blood sugar levels. Consequently this alters the hormone levels in the body encouraging the growth of acne.

Reduce Acne


It is true consumption of sugar increases one’s blood sugar levels which therefore encourages acne. But, this does not mean that one is required to completely eliminate sugar from their diet. Instead, one should make sure not to increase their consumption of sugar. Furthermore, one can also monitor their diet to determine the amount of sugary food they can consume without suffering a breakout.

Reduce Acne

Refined carbohydrates

This includes food such as bread, cookies and cakes which in other words is some of teenager’s favorite comfort food. But unfortunately it appears that these food also increase the blood sugar levels thus leading to breakouts.

Saturated fats

Teenagers may also be required to bid adieu to fried chicken and burger because this contains fats which stimulate certain growth factors that encourage breakouts

Teenage years are hard enough as it is. Thus, follow the aforementioned guide to ensure that you will never have to suffer the embarrassment of having an acne probed face.

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