Treatments for stomach cancer

The treatment of stomach cancer depends on how far the cells have been developing and if it has spread. This type of cancer will grow and spread in a slightly different way. The cells will initially will grow in the inner most layer and then spread towards the outmost layer and then invade any organs that are nearby. Stomach cancer cells can be spread through blood, tissues and through the lymph system. The stomach organ contains a lot of lymph nodes and vessels and as the cells grow it is easier to swim through and reach the rest of the organs and body. If it reaches lungs, liver and the bone this will make it difficult to treat.

There are many gastric cancer treatment Singapore centres that are available and it won’t be too difficult to get an appointment.

Stage 0

This is when the cancer calls are in the innermost layer and have not spread to the other layers. This can be treated only by surgery. Radiation and chemotherapy will not help at this stage. Certain stage 0 cancerous cells can be treated through endoscopic resection.

Stage I

There are two sub stages at this point; IA and IB. Stage IA patience are able to get rid of their cancer cells by a subtotal gastrectormy. Any lymph nodes that are there will be removed. No further treatments are required after. Stage IB is about undergoing surgery. However, before the surgery you might be going through some chemotherapy in order shrink the cancer cells so that it will be easier to be eradicated.

After the surgery is done and if there are cancer residuals found on the lymph nodes, then chemotherapy and chemo radiation will be combined as treatment.

Stage II

At this stage you will have to take off all parts of the stomach, lymph nodes that are nearby and omentum. Before and after surgery, chemotherapy and chemo radiation is highly recommended.

Stage III

This is the stage where treatment is basically purely surgery. Again similar to stage II, chemo radiation and chemotherapy can be used before and after.

Stage IV

This is the stage when the cancer cells have reached all other organs. This means that there is no cure or treatment. However, to keep the cells under control you can undergo surgery in order to ensure that the stomach and intestines will not be blocked and lead to bleeding.

If there are cancers that will come back, then these are known as recurrent cancers. The treatments are pretty similar to Stage IB. The treatment will purely depend on the person’s current condition and general health.

There are always options that can be considered to keep yourself together during these difficult times.

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