Things to Find Out Before Joining a Rehabilitation Program

When you select a rehabilitation program for yourself it is really important that you realize what you are getting into and what the rules and the regulations are. While this is in one way a cleansing holiday out of which you can come like a new person you also need to know that there are strict rules and regulations that have been put there for your own benefit and not to hurt or harm you. Understanding all this before you can get to your program will help you to mentally prepare yourself for what lies ahead and this way you know that you will carry on with the program to the end and benefit from it in the way that it was meant to. Here are some very important questions that you will need to ask your therapists especially if you are a working professional with big responsibilities professionally.

Will You Be Allowed To Use Your Mobile Phone Or Your Laptop?

Many professionals who choose to take a rehabilitation program are hugely deterred from it when they are told that they will have no means of communicating with their workplace while they are away. However you should know that in an executive recovery centre you can actually use both your laptop and your mobile phone for specified times every day. So you can still keep in touch with your workplace and make sure that all the work that has to be done gets completed even without you being around. If there are conference calls that you’re really cannot postpone you can even take these and at the same time you can maintain your appearances so that you have the chance to protect your privacy. Not everybody has to know what you are going through.

Will You Be Allowed Any Medication For Health Issues?

You may be having some kind of health issue for which you need to take your medication on a daily basis. You will wonder whether this will be allowed in the therapy because there are ways in which patients could actually carry the addictive substance with them. However if you have a letter from your consultant healthcare provider telling the therapists why this medication is needed and what they are you will be in the clear usually. Do not forget that any and all medication that you carry should be in the original casing or packaging that is used by the doctor or the pharmacist.

Will You Be Allowed To Smoke?

Many professionals who struggle with addiction often indulge in smoking to help them cope with their stress. While this would never be encouraged in the therapy program there are specific plans set up for professionals where they will be allocated a certain time, limit and place in which they can smoke if they really need to. Understand that smoking is heavily injurious to health and that it kills. If you only badly need to smoke should you indulge in one and otherwise try to stay away from anything and everything that can cause you harm while you are in therapy.

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