The louder actions – Pakistani recovery from trauma

None of us would have expected the September 11 attack, or any attack to begin with. Because no matter how unstable the situation was, it was very random. That randomness was the biggest reason why a very string disorientation was imparted in the Pakistani community.

Along with that, we should not disregard the ones who are still recovering from the massive 4 year serious droughts and all the earthquakes as well. Given that people suffered from several floods as well, it is safe to safe that us as Pakistanis have gone through a lot. But what has the government done so far to make sure that the people are looked after.

Then again, this is the standard behavior of all the governments in the world. It is hardly possible for a new government to makes sure that the previous mistakes are completely resolved and the people are looked after. But there are some people who can actually make a difference for the citizens of our country.

They are the philanthropic humanitarians. Because in the end of the day, anyone can make promises but not all of them can live up to the expectations. In this context, the prominence that bashir and mariyam dawood has achieved is immense. In fact, there are more than enough reasons for that. Because these people have proved their love and generosity towards the Pakistani community over the years in countless ways.

The most significant national recovery project that they initiated was the ones that solei deal with natural disasters and the victims of them. Addressing an issue like this can be quite delicate because there could be clashes with the government. But Dawoods on the other hand knew that it had to be done. Hence, they went out of their way to organize countless fundraiser projects to ensure that the suffering Pakistanis did not have to suffer anymore – at least not as much as they do right now.

This is why they were directly involved in the public healthcare sector to begin with. Not the private, but the public – why? Because the Dawoods were very aware of the difficulties that people go through to recover from their illnesses and they just didn’t want to use that as an opportunity to make a profit. Hence the all new and the first ever urology operation theatre complex were gifted to the country. Not only that, the Aga Khan University Hospital was also given a massive push to upgrade it to a whole new level.

Actions always speak louder than the words – it was true and always will be.

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