The Dawoods and the renaissance of national healthcare system in Pakistan

As Pakistanis, there are many things that we could be genuinely proud about. For an instance, the cricket team and the educational system are two such things. However, until recently, national healthcare system just wasn’t in the list. That’s probably because the responsible authorities never wanted to upgrade the public healthcare system. However, it was seen that the private healthcare was developing with a good pace due to the commercial importance of it. But what good comes out of it, if the public healthcare is doomed in a country?

The Dawood family understood this and they understood this on time. That is the reason why we Pakistanis are experiencing a whole new system of upgraded sector of public healthcare. Being a globally acclaimed philanthropist, bashir dawood was a pioneer in the journey of taking Pakistan’s public healthcare to new levels of sophistication. But this isn’t the only charity work he was involved in – there is a number of other entirely non profitable work him and his family has contributed in large amounts of financial aids.

The patronage on the SickKids foundation is one such beautiful gesture made by this humanitarian of a man, bringing all the philanthropic souls he could together to make the world a better and comfortable place for the less fortunate children. Covering up essential needs such as accommodation, healthcare and education, the Dawoods showed the world how a true philanthropist make a change.

The Karachi Aga Khan University Hospital is one of the recently rejuvenated hospitals. In the process of upgrading it, the ‘teaching’ label of the hospital gave it a special importance. For an instance, equipping this hospital with all the necessary new neurological instruments was the start. After that, he went further to deliver an all new laser room suite as well. With this all new upgrade, people had an opportunity to get well better, sooner than they hoped.

The premises was also gifted with another massive establishment named CIME, which was built for medical education. In this establishment inside the Aga Khan University Premises, there are 3 separate sub establishments that are solely dedicated for the medical practitioners who want to learn more while treating the patients. In the end of the day, the Dawoods initiative had made a solid impact on the society, attracting several other philanthropic eyes. This is how another project was initiated back in 2014 – the 2018 opened urology operation theatre complex.

People like these have made Pakistan a better place to live in and we all should give these kind people the appreciation that they never asked for.

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