Pros and Cons of Braces

Braces are absolutely wonderful. Anyone who’s had them will tell you how much they’ve impacted their lives. That’s exactly what I’d tell you. I had pretty weird teeth. My mouth looked crazy; my teeth were jagged, crisscrossing against each other. It was a sight for sore eyes, and quite frankly, I was very insecure. My confidence drastically reduced whenever I opened my mouth. I could see everyone staring and I was hurt by it. Now I have a perfect set of teeth that I am proud of. But that doesn’t mean braces are easy. Do not get me wrong. Although they’re amazing, they can be hell on earth for you. Admittedly, braces do have its cons. But do the pros outweigh the cons? That’s up to you to decide. Let’s help you make that decision.

So, What are the Pros?

Personally, the pros outweigh the cons. I’m glad I googled bayside dental clinic and got myself braces. Obviously, your confidence is drastically increased which changes one’s social life as they no longer are insecure. This is great for kids as they begin to make new friends, and personally, this is the greatest pro for braces.

But you could have saved yourself from future health disasters. Most of the time, people who wear braces have an excess of teeth in their mouth. This causes them to move out of their normal positions and crowd around each other. This is what causes crooked teeth. But kids, they may be in for a surprise. What happens when they get older and their wisdom teeth come in? It’s immense pain. Why? Because wisdom teeth hurt as there’s no room in their mouth for the teeth to come in… but that’s in a normal mouth, without extra teeth.

Not only for that, but braces fix overbites which, you may not even have noticed how detrimental it is to your wellbeing. You could have difficulty chewing your food and breathing, but now, with your overbite fixed, your difficulties are erased forever.

What are they?

Well, there are cons of course, but as I mentioned, they certainly do not outweigh the pros of braces. The first con would be the fact that the fix that braces offer isn’t permanent. This may be a shock to you, it was for me. A retainer is needed to be worn permanently after your braces are removed. Why? Because it keeps the teeth in its fixed position, not allowing the teeth to move back into their old positions.

As mentioned, retainers are ‘forever’ which means you have to continuously wear it. Usually, for the first 6 months full time, and after that point, usually only during sleep.

Braces are kind of hurt. I hated getting my wires tightened. It felt alright at the time, but throughout the day, caused my whole mouth to feel sore. This usually only lasted for a day, but it was very hard.

So, what do you think about braces? Are they worth it?

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