Problem Body Areas in Ladies and How to Tackle Them

Ladies have certain problem areas in their body that can really bother them. Most of these areas are really stubborn and don’t seem to even have any effect after workouts. However, there definitely is an effect, only it will be a bit slower to show in some areas of your body than in others. Everyone, devoid of gender will have some area of their body that becomes a bit of a problem to slim down. Here we take a look at the areas in female bodies that can prove to be challenging when it comes to shedding weight.

Upper Arms

The upper arms can really become flabby and resemble wings almost in certain cases making ladies feel really uncomfortable about baring them in public. This is when they resort to wearing long-sleeved clothing that is also a size or two larger than their actual clothing size so that the flab of the arms can be concealed. However in order to tackle this issue, you simply need to take two steps. One would be to actually stop wearing those baggy long sleeved items to the gym and get some womens activewear that will clearly define the problems areas of your arms. Seeing them bore before you will give you more motivation to work out on them. The next step is to train weights using smaller dumbbells and kettle bells in the beginning and then gradually increasing the weight on them. Using moves like bicep curls, triceps curls, half pumps, shoulder lifts and other similar exercises tone your arms and you will begin to see the results.

The Chest and Upper Back Region

Once again these areas can retain a lot of fat and make you look bigger than you actually are. They can also appear to be hanging loose and can have an unsightly appearance because the breasts too will begin to sag with the excess fat on your body. the best kind of exercises for these would be once again weight training and kettle bells in particular that you can start with just a small 2-kilo weight and increase as you go with an increase on the number of reps. The kettle bells are designed to tone and shape up your upper body while also strengthening your muscles and back region.

The Stomach and Love Handles

Perhaps one of the most notoriously stubborn problem areas in the female body would be the stomach and the love handles that almost never seem to recede no matter what happens to the rest of your body. The area is definitely trickier to train because you really have to find your core and focus on working out the core when you do your abs workouts. Most of the time you will see people working out their things, neck and shoulders and even straining their backs, but not really hitting that core. Always remember that the only place that should be hurting in abs and side exercises should be your stomach area and the love handles, nothing else at all.