Practical Solutions for Underboob Sweat

Yes, underboob sweat is a thing. It affects every woman, especially during the warmer months. But some women may experience underboob sweat more than the others. It can become a real problem for women with heavy or larger breasts. Women who tend to perspire more may also have to tackle with underboob sweat as a real problem. Whatever the cause is, here is a list of pragmatic solutions to your underboob sweat headaches:

Wear Natural Fabric Bras

If you are wearing those spandex or polyester bras, then the underboob sweat situation can actually get worse. Some fabrics, like the material sports bras are made from, are really thick. Women may prefer the thickness for extra support or better coverage. However, synthetic thick fabrics aren’t “breathable.” Meaning the material doesn’t circulate air well. That can lead to stuffiness and more sweat. Therefore, wear bras made from highly breathable natural fabrics like cotton, linen and silk. Such fabrics absorb sweat, rather than leave it on your skin, which will instantly make you feel better.

Fix Ptotic Breasts

Heavy breasts that droop or bear down can really complicate underboob sweat issues. If you boobs sag on to your chest, you will naturally experience more sweat. It can also lead to rashes as well. Droopy breasts are caused by several factors, including excess skin, genetics, and extra pounds. You can try fixing these issues by breast augmentation. A surgical procedure like this can uplift the boobs allowing for better air circulation underneath. It may also solve back pain issues. You must discuss this option with a certified plastic surgeon before signing up for surgery.

Buy a Bra with a Cooling Liner

The verdict isn’t out yet on so-called “cooling liners” that come with bras promising to tackle sweat issues. However, there won’t be any harm in trying. These liners proclaim to absorb moisture and remove heat your chest area doesn’t feel as sweaty or hot as usual.

You Can Use Deodorant under Your Boobs

You can use deodorant under your boobs, just like under your arms. The anti-perspiration may be just what you need to feel more comfortable. If you have heard of aluminium in some deodorant brands hurting oestrogen levels, that’s not an established fact. If you are still worried about it, you can use a deodorant without aluminium or one that uses mostly natural ingredients.

Change Your Bras on Time and Keep the Area Dry

Don’t swear sweaty bras for hours on end. Change them frequently if sweating is a problem. You may need to pack extra bras to office or school. But you can stuff a bra easily in a handbag. Before you change into a new bra, make sure the area under the boobs is dry. Pat dry with a towel or a tissue. Ideally, you should wash under there if you experience too much sweat. That’s difficult to do when you are working or at school though.

Excessive sweat in the under-bust area is a problem that needs to be fixed as it can lead to fungal infections and rashes that you certainly don’t want in your life. Consider the above suggestions that get your situation under control.

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