What to Look For In Your Local Chemist?

If you have just moved to a new area or are planning to in the near future, then out of the many things you will look for including schools, supermarkets, banks and hospitals, a local chemist comes in as well. They are just as important as the rest, since you never know when you might need one for emergencies. Needless to say, it can feel a bit much to deal with when you have so much going on, but knowing what you should look for is half the battle. So here are a few tips to help you pick one, until you find who you are comfortable with.

Qualified Staff

All pharmacists employed should be qualified. They are in charge of assisting with your prescriptions, advising you on drugs, and of course their intake. Improper advice can lead to disastrous consequences, so this is critical. They also need to be able to read prescriptions accurately, which as everyone knows can be a challenge with doctors’ handwriting! Some countries require pharmacists to take a course before they can get on the job, so if this is true for yours, check that they have this qualification, or at least something on par with it.

Personal Attention

Pharmacies can be busy places, but the ability to offer personalised service despite that is a commendable trait. Your local pharmacy should be able to give you one-on-one attention, and not only that, keep track of their customers. For instance, if they are specialised in hospital pharmaceuticals, they should know which of their customers use which products. This allows them to refer their records if their customers have a query, which can be relieving for the customer as well. They will have assurance that the pharmacy is invested in their health and well-being as opposed to just running another business.


There are some pharmacies which store a mountain of products, but only know 1% of them at best. The job of a pharmacy is not only to sell, but to offer information on what they sell. If a customer wants more information about a certain product, then staff should be prompt and accurate with their explanation. Some customers may have issues with certain options on their prescriptions, so the pharmacist should also know what to do in such instances, including liaising with the doctor if necessary.


The last thing you want is being unsure of the medication your pharmacist has doled out without being entirely certain of what it was in the first place. Attention-to-detail can be noticed in everything, so it would be a good idea to pay them a visit beforehand. Is the store neat, clean and well-organised? Are the products simply stacked upon dusty shelves at the back? Expired medication can be fatal, which is another reason why they need to be sharp. The quality of their customer service is also a part of being attentive, whilst consistent staff training is another thing they can do to ensure they offer unparalleled pharmaceutical services.

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