How to make it exclusively yours

There are times when we try to figure out things that make life easier or just suddenly pop up in our mind and say “Hey! This is a great idea!” And then you find out that it’s never been made before, whether it is the simplest of things or something revolutionary, it is important that you are able to call this invention of yours, YOURS! Here are reasons why you should get them patented.

It is originally yours

We all hate it when someone bootlegs our product, or copy it and claim it to be theirs. It is stealing! You’ve worked hard for this invention to happen, you spent restless nights trying to figure out the blueprint on this one just to make it work, and you invested not only your time but also money just so you could make your very first prototype. Don’t let anyone copy what you worked hard for and be able to get away with it. Look over at patent timeframe Singapore so you could make yourself aware on how you can have exclusive rights to your product.

Higher chances of investors

Patenting a product will make investors come to you, and having more investors means be able to improve your invention from any flaws, and make more productions of it. This will also make your investors invest more money on you because they know that your product is well protected which is an assurance that consumers will only be able to buy from you as there will be no other competitors in the market. And when there are investors and mass production, you will be able to…

Makemore money out of it

It can be really satisfying to make some money out of what you’ve invented. Yes, it may sound selfish, but let’s not dwell on that, let’s dwell on the fact that this invention of yours can really help the lives of people easier, in order for others to experience this convenience you have to make more products, and this is where capitalization enters which is only natural for an inventor. By having exclusive rights to your invention, you are enabling yourself to ward off any other people that will copy it and has the potential to hurt your profit.

It will be beneficial

To be able to profit from your invention is already beneficial, but it will be more beneficial to you if you decide later on to sell it to a company that has the potential to mass produce your product or make improvements. By patenting your product, you are assuring your prospect buyer to have less risks and costs when they buy your product, and you will be able to demand higher payout of money and/or stake at the company.

It can be satisfying to be able to tell others that this invention is yours, but it is more satisfying to have a tangible evidence to support it. A piece of paper can make you beneficial and gives you protection, and it goes a long way in the world of technology and business.

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