How to lose weight?

As the world has got more competitive and developed, humans are becoming busy as ever. The time we spend on regular exercise is minimum, have accepted very unhealthy patterns of eating and incorporated habits like excessive alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking. It can be observed how many people grab a quick meal of fast food which contains highly processed meat and excessive salt and calories sometimes on a daily basis for lunch or dinner. Studies show as the years pass by the incidence of childhood obesity and obesity among general population is increasing at an alarming rate.


Diet is the main source which needs to be changed for effective weight loss. People must be encouraged to prepare food on their own. The diet must be balanced in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats. If vegetables and fruits can be grown in their home garden it is even better. Processed food such as sausages, beef patties and other must be avoided to the best of ability. Fizzy drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices containing high amounts of sugar must be avoided as well. Salt must be used carefully. Caffeine and tea consumed in moderation. Three meals must be consumed as breakfast, lunch and dinner with healthy snacks in between. But avoid snacking on unhealthy food such as sugary biscuits, crisps and chocolates.

Weight loss is the net result of energy expenditure over energy consumption. Daily regular exercise must be inculcated into the lifestyle. A jog in the park or treadmill, an aerobics session or a gym session must be followed. Even small things such as climbing the stairs instead of taking the lift or the elevator and choosing to ride a bicycle instead of taking the car to work can be followed as a regular practice. Playing a sport can also help you to lose weight and even improve mental health. It can even be a relaxing sport like swimming which won’t exert you too much.

If you are morbidly obese and you find your weight affecting your health, then you may need to go for bariatric surgery Singapore. There are different types to choose from; gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, LAP BAND, gastric balloon and vBlock therapy. When you consult a surgeon you will be provided with information on all these types. Some may be appropriate while others may not be. After evaluation a suitable method may be chosen for you.

Weight loss is becoming an important aspect in many of our lives especially due to the unhealthy lives that most of us lead. We must take all steps necessary to avoid excessive weight gain to ensure good health.

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