How the Dawoods has made Pakistan a better place for you?

Let us take a moment and look at the global healthcare situation. A bunch of new diseases are seclude in some countries, hundreds of people die on daily basis of famine and we can’t forget the ones who die of normal diseases, but being unable to implement the tiny and insignificant medication on time. Once you’re done that, compare that with the Pakistani healthcare sector. Exactly – the things have changed for good.

If you didn’t know the current condition of the healthcare sector of Pakistan in the present is statistically proven to be better than a decade ago. This is not something that happened out of magic but with the intervention of the right people and making the right decisions.

One would think that it is the sole responsibility of the government to make sure that they pump funds as much as they can to the healthcare sector of a country. But the truth is that, as pleasing as it sounds, it is highly unlikely to get something like this done because there are so many other sector to be taken care in the same way. Unlike a rich first world country, it can be quite difficult to get the attention of the authorities and hoping that would bring down miraculous changes over time.

This is something that Bashir and mariyam Dawoodwere expecting. They are a family who understood the timely need of philanthropy and came forward to do the changes that the world as we know needs. In fact, the Dawoods are responsible for the boosting of the quality of the healthcare sector of not only Pakistan but also in the global context.

When it comes to the actual improvement of the healthcare, the civil engineering perspectives hardly matter. It is true that you need the space but if the necessary equipment and employees weren’t there, it is but a big empty space. Based on this criteria, the Dawoods understood what needs to be done.

That’s how they directly intervene to improve the AKUH or the Aga Khan University Hospital to a whole new level. With the inclusion of several new buildings, this philanthropic approach made sure that the new upgradation was enriched with new neurological equipment, integrated operating rooms and also an all new refractive laser suite. This took the quality of the services that the Aga Khan hospital provides to a new level.

Situated at the Aga Khan University premises, an all-new building named the CIME also was delivered to the public with the direct generous contributions of this amazing family. Today, this CIME or the centre for innovation in medical education consists of 3 establishments, which expands the level of medical education.

That’s simply how this family has made Pakistan a better place for you.

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