Healthy Planning of Your Food

Planning on what you’ll eat is not actually a bad idea at all. It is said that consider your plan as your own and not a diet since you might easily be out of track and consider yourself not in the situation anymore. Try to visualize yourself doing this for your whole life so that you can adjust easier. The food that you will be adding on your list of plans are those food that you like and want, available in the market near you and food you can afford. Here are the important things you need to consider in making your food plan.

  • Energy and Nutrition – these two are important to know on which and how much you’ll be in taking. It’s important to know your BMI for you to be able to measure your need. If your BMI ranges from 27 to 35, taking less of 300 to 500 calories each day will make you healthier and lose weight about a half or one lb. each week. In the daily food guide which you can look up shoes that having a teaspoon of fat each meal is fine, if you follow its guide regarding the nutritional factors, you easily lose weight. Check with a gynae in Singapore if you need extra care for your body.

  • Carbohydrate – commonly known to people to eat vegetables, legumes, grains, and fruits since these things contains abundant vitamins and minerals. You easily get full because of its rich fibres which also means there are less fat and food energy. You don’t have to quit eating lean meat or other low-fat protein sources just lessen it.

  • Small Portions of Frequent Meals – you may eat 4-5 times a day but very less than your regular 3 times a day schedule. This will make you feel less hungry and not prompt you to eat frequently snacks that are unhealthy. There are reports that this method is successful at losing weight and maintaining balance. Chew food slowly and thoroughly. Your goal must be eating well food that have energy and nutrients that you only need as stated above.

  • Glucose and Alcohol – be aware of what you eat, there can be a little sugar just not too much and also alcohol is fine just as long you do it occasionally and be sure afterwards to stick on your plan.

  • Water – the most important source that we need in our body. It fills our stomach and helps in diluting metabolic wastes from the breakdown of fat.

These tips will help you to lose weight but its better to think that this will make you healthier than giving more importance in losing weight since you’re thinking about your well-being.

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