How to excel in your school life

School is the bane of the existence when you are young. But it is the one and only foundation for a successful future. Education is recognized as a fundamental human right. Anyone who denies this can be even brought before a court of law. However, your triumphs in school will largely depend on your own conduct on top of your parents’ attempts and teacher’s dedication.


Paying attention in class

A classroom will have closer to thirty students. General acceptance of a “small classroom” has around twenty two students. Therefore at a given time one teacher will be teaching slightly more than twenty students. In such a scenario students have to pay close attention. If something is unclear it is advisable to clarify at that time itself. Even if you sit at the very back you will be in a considerable distance where the white or black board is visible. But if you can’t see what is written there it is imperative that you take a comprehensive eye exam for it might mean you have some sort of an ocular disease.


Extracurricular activities


It is not sufficient that you pay attention in class and attend to your studies so hard; school life not only comprises of learning theoretical matters. You must go out and play; there may be a favourite sport of yours, even if not you can participate in the day-to-day gym or physical education class. To keep a healthy mind, a healthy body is important and vice versa. Neither will exist without the other. When you work out and tire your body, oxygen circulation gets improved and that will keep you from being sleepy in class, lethargic tendencies etc. It is also important to read a book than sitting all day in front of a computer.

Skill development


After successfully completing school you will graduate on to college, and then go on to a job. Most people will recognize the importance of skills only when they are facing an interview. But from the school age you should remember that skill development is very important. Sports are valuable in that aspect, too. You will learn teamwork, leadership and much more. Apart from that you need to learn negotiation, problem solving, thinking laterally and other paramount talents and abilities. It is true that you can learn a lot via internet but it can also be a source of computer vision syndrome or eye strain due to digital screens. Hence kids should be encouraged to go out and learn things rather than browsing.

School time won’t come again in anyone’s life. You can work for some time and return to college but school is far off when you are after a certain age. So not only for learning theories, you must use school to enhance your future career prospects by developing skills and knowledge too.


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