Everything you have to know about the health of semen

In order to reproduce, the health of the semen is important. If semen is not healthy, it was significantly reduced the chances of successful fertilization. There are a lot of reasons behind infertility and the mail ejaculating unhealthy semen could be a reason. Therefore, you are having trouble with impregnating your wife, it is best that you look into the motility of sperm. The motility of sperm the first the moment of the sperm. Having low motility means that they do not move effectively and that could lead to male infertility.

In order to identify this issue for sure, make sure that you get a sperm motility analysis. Here are some of the things that you need to know about this test:

What should be the ideal motility for semen?

When you run this test, it is not only the movement of the sperm that will be measured but all the other aspects that will have a hot play in male infertility will be looked into. The volume of the semen ejaculated the total sperm count, the concentration of the sperm, vitality, the pH value of the semen, the white blood cells and even sperm morphology. Having run this test will make it a lot easier to identify the error precisely and take the necessary actions.

What does it mean to have normal mortality in sperms?

For a man to be fertile, the mortality rates of semen have to be normal. Even though not all the sperm in semen expected to be healthy there is a certain count should be healthy in order to make fertilization possible. In a normal ejaculation, at least 40% of the sperm has to be motile. To recognize if the sperm activity is low, it is naturally focused on the motility of the sperm.  Once you find this out, you can get the needed treatments so that you can try in becoming a parent. If natural methods of fertilization don’t work, you can always go for other solutions.

The factors affecting sperm motility

Surely there will be a lot of factors that affect the motility of the sperm. Low motility of sperm means that the has to be other health issues as well. It has been shown that men who have low sperm motility also has a low sperm count and sperm morphology that has deviated from being normal and healthy. Sum of factors that will come sperm motility are illnesses, exposure to chemicals, exposure to Extreme temperatures uneven abnormal will it is in the reproductive tract. Poor sperm motility could also be a result of infrequent sexual activity in males.




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