Everything There Is To Know About Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning your teeth by professionals is an essential thing to maintaining a bright smile, great oral hygiene and to maintain a healthy body and mind as well. Although some might think it is a routine visit, there are many things you might not know about it. Here are some pointers you should go through before you visit your dentist for your next teeth cleaning.

Teeth cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth with the intention of preventing cavities (dental caries), gingivitis, and periodontal disease

Before You Go To the Dentist

Find out a bit more about the medical history of your family. If there are any incidents of cancer or heart disease your dentist might need to know. Also, gum disease running in the family is important to mention to your dentist. Remember to find out what type of gum disease it was and how severe as well.

Go to A Professional You Know

Even if it is for a simple procedure of teeth cleaning, you might want to go a renowned professional. After all it is your mouth we are talking about! If you are in Toorak, the best idea is to visit your family dentist in Toorak since he might know all about your pre-existing conditions and possibly other useful medical information regarding your family as well.

Find Out If You Are Going To Need an Antibiotic

Everyone has bacteria in their mouths multiplying as we speak. And certain dental procedures can make those bacteria enter the bloodstream. This is called bacteraemia. This is not a problem for the most of us since our healthy immune system might prevent bacteria from causing any harmful reactions. And when you get your teeth cleaned, there is a chance that bacteria in your mouth will enter the bloodstream. This is quite common and completely harmless –if you have a healthy immune system. However, for some people, there is concern that these bacteria might cause an infection somewhere else in the body. Therefore ask your dentist if you need an antibiotic to make sure you have covered all bases.

Why Do You Need To Get Your Teeth Cleaned?

It is mainly done in order to prevent tooth loss. And during a teeth clean up, the build-up around teeth known as tartar is removed. The build-up tends to be natural for the most part. However tobacco or drugs might lead to frequent build-up of tartar. And too much build-up of tartar will definitely result in gum disease which will make the teeth loosen and fall off. Your immune system will see tartar as a foreign object and will send troops to fight off the infection. With a clean-up of your teeth you can put a stop to this battle.

During A Teeth Cleaning

Once your dentist has checked out your teeth, he will start giving you specific advice such as “you need to pay more attention to the back molars”. Remember these for they will be useful when you are brushing next time. Your dentist might even introduce you to a proper brushing and a flossing method.

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