How Can a Non-Dairy Diet Help Your Health?

In the past individuals embarked on a non dairy diet not because they wanted to but because they were forced to do so by various health conditions such as allergies with the most common being lactose intolerance. However, while other individuals may have sympathized with them in the past for not being able to consume dairy products, in the recent past it appeared that many individuals are voluntarily eliminating dairy products from their diet because of the health benefits they derived from giving up dairy. Hence, the following article will proceed to explore what some of these health benefits are in order to determine whether giving up dairy if the best choice that one can make with regard to their health.


Lose Weight

Have you always carried some extra weight no matter how much you excised or how many diets you took up with? Well, one should attempt to see whether giving up dairy products would have any effect because it has been claimed that when one eliminated dairy products from their diet they would also be bidding adieu to additional saturated fats, sugar and salt. Thus, this would thereby decrease the amount of calories an individual would consume within a day and hence would stimulate the body to shed off that extra weight.

Cure Your Acid Reflux

If you suffer from heartburn you may be popping anti-acids like their M&Ms but instead of consuming chemical products one can simply cut dairy products from their diet because it is a well known fact that dairy is an acidic food product. Thus, consumption of dairy products would potentially cause havoc on the body’s acid-alkaline balance. Therefore complete elimination of this food group from the diet would also help one control their heartburns.

Reduced Acne Breakout

If you are prone to acne breakouts you may observe that the elimination of dairy products would drastically reduce the frequency of breakouts or even stop breakouts all together because research has found that dairy products increase the production of sebum thus increasing the frequency and amount of acne breakouts.


Lose the Bloat

No matter how trim the rest of your body is some individuals may have a bloated stomach and one way to cure this is to eliminate dairy products because stomachs cannot handle dairy products. Therefore, this then causes the stomach to swell.

Even though you may find it hard to eliminate dairy products from your diet initially one should attempt to power through this difficult period. Furthermore, in today’s market there are great many alternatives to dairy products and in most instances they taste significantly better than dairy products hence one may not even miss their usual dairy products if they transfer to non-dairy alternatives immediately.

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