Babies and Their Teeth Issues

So you have a little one and sooner or later you are going to have to face them crying and screaming and trying to bite just about anyone they can get their little mouth on. Well, it’s the teething issues that all babies face sooner or later in their baby life. Having to see your little one struggle trying to find ways to comfort themselves can be heart wrenching. But there are a lot of methods to help them along. Here are some steps and ideas of what you can do to make sure that their sprouting teeth does not trouble them more than they should.

Gums Should Be Massaged Ever So Gently

When your baby starts to teethe, their gums becomes naturally inflamed and swollen. Some people recommend that a small baby tooth brush be used to massage the baby gums, but we think it’s best to use your fingers. First thoroughly wash your hands and slowly massage their gums to relieve them of the pain. You can also use teething gels, as these do help relieve the pain. There are some great ones recommended just for little babies. But see the doctor to find out if this is advisable as sometimes the teething gel cause numbness and can be dangerous if swallowed. So check sites like in case you have any issues or doubts. This way you can be certain that you are doing what is best for your baby.

Let Them Chew On Something

You can find some teething toys to give them to play with and bite on during this time. These are great as it will help ease the pain and make them feel relaxed and comfortable. You can also give them a clean face cloth that has been dipped in cool water. The toys that you give them that are recommended for the teething process should also be refrigerated. This cold temperature will act as a natural anaesthetic. Do not make things too cold as your baby has very sensitive gums and it can cause a burn.

Play and Give Them Enough Attention

Making them laugh and play with you is another way to help distract their mind from the pain. Spend a lot of time with them entertaining them and shower them with love. This will help them forget their pain and even relax and enjoy their game time.

If you see that your baby is drooling excessively or at least more than the usual, or is biting and trying to chew everything they can get their little hands on then you know that you have a teething baby. Sometimes their cheeks then to get red and gums swell up. Other times they are less entertained and more irritated and cry more often. These are signs that you should keep an out for. Some babies even develop a slight fever and refuse to eat. The moment you notice these signs you should take action to see a doctor who can help you out so that you know what needs to be done in the right manners.

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