Advancement of urology and surgery in Pakistani context

The field of medicine that deals with the urinary system and its elements is called urology. The importance of this science applies not only to Pakistan but the entire world. Because kidney to urinary related diseases are quite common and battling them should be done in time.

For a very long time in the history of Pakistan, the attention that urological diseases should have received were not received on time. This cause many problems making a number of people pay the costs by their lives. However, as time proceeded, the authorities understood the importance of addressing these issues in the ways they should.

But fortunately, with pioneering done by people like bashir dawood, attaining advancements in massive heaps in terms of urology was no longer something too far-fetched. That is because these people understand what actually need to be done and steps forward when the time is right. That is how the initiation of the construction of the newest transplant operation theatre complex begins in 2014. The construction process lasted for 4 full years, delivering a fully equipped theater complex to the Pakistani public in 2018.

Let us take a quick look at the amazing massiveness of this structure. For starters, it is built on a mammoth land of 250,000 sq. ft. area. The building consists of 14 stories which serves all sorts of services to a very large number of people. The most significant thing about this facility is that, it is the first of the kind.

The premises consists of 100 beds at minimum and is planned to increase the number in the near future. When it comes to the facilities that it serves in the urology context, these are few of the most significant ones,

  • Transplant wards
  • Intensive care units
  • Donor ward
  • Pre-transplant unit
  • Clinic for outpatients
  • Radiology facilities

As you can see, the variety of services that are offered in this medial institution is immense. In addition, recent develops have been taken places in terms of the quality improvements as well. The supervision and the handling is done by a seasoned staff at the hospital. This place is more or less a paradise from which all people suffering from urinary and kidney problems get to walk out healthy, once again.

Philanthropic approaches in the medical industry is something that must be appreciated. Because in the end of the day, spending money on the things that actually matter is what all the abled people should do. Thanks to the clever thinking of Dawoods, the chosen path always has been amazing.

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