A Few Tips for a Successful Ketogenic Diet.

Recently, did you ever come across someone who’s looking way thinner than the last time you saw them, and decided to let your thoughts out loud and asked them how that happened? And then they probably said they were on a keto diet, contentment plastered all over their face. Trust me you’re not the only one.


The ketogenic diet has recently become the biggest trend, mainly because its low carb, high fat way of dieting is actually effective and healthy, definitely being a win-win. But cutting on carbs isn’t going to be easy, specailly if you don’t mind eating bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner and don’t prefer meat that much. If you’re wondering how you could successfully master this diet, here’s a few tips you might want to read.

Stay hydrated.                                      

Yup. It’s that easy. At least it sounds. Water is basically good for everything. And everything includes even your keto diet. You’ve probably heard and read about the benefits of water, so don’t worry, I wouldn’t be stressing on that. Staying super hydrated will greatly help you on your diet. Make it a habit to drink it often, like when you wake up, before and after exercising, between meals and even when you’re feeling tired or stressed. Just keep calm and drink water. Actually, it doesn’t necessarily have to be water and you can also opt for fresh juices or even include keto coffee when you’re googling keto diet food list Singapore.

Start on Intermittent Fasting.

IF is probably one of the most effective ways to get your diet right into action and continue it. Also it means you’re undoubtedly going to lose weight, so if that’s your goal you should probably start practicing it. Although its recommended to go low carb a few days before you start in order to avoid an episode of hypoglycaemia. There’s several strategies of intermittent fasting and consider reading them for full knowledge regarding it before fasting. Also, during the fast, have herbal teas and organic coffee with coconut oil, MCT oils grass fed butter as these contain good small and medium chain fats and boost up ketone production and stabilise blood sugar more effectively than water fasting alone.

Exercise Regularly.

The last time I tried exercising, I did about two squats a day when I was supposed to do twenty. Well true enough the struggle is real. But the effect is actually beyond just great. Just like with any diet even on this one, exercise is also needed, especially if you’re struggling to cut carbs off your meals. Regular exercise will double the level of glycogen which is an important protein in the muscle and liver. And this will allow the individual to handle a little bit more carbohydrates in the diet because the body wants them to store liver and muscle tissue. However make sure not to overdo it since this will increase you stress hormones, drive up blood sugar and pull you out of ketosis.

Consume More Salt.

Now this might probably sound new to you since most diets require you to reduce your intake of salt. Well, no more unsalted food that tastes so bland. Most of the time we’re told to reduce consuming salt because we’re high on carbs leading us to have naturally high insulin levels. When we’re on a ketogenic diet it means we’re taking less carbohydrates, which could in turn result in lower insulin levels. This could cause our kidneys to excrete more sodium which can lead to a lower sodium ratio and increase the body’s need for sodium in the diet. So if you’re on low carb keto diet, increase your salt intake through natural food and pink salt.

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